Affirming Individual Therapy & Relational Counseling in Seattle, WA


Individual & Relational Counseling



Creative, evidence-based therapy practices help us rewrite our personal narratives with a new story. If you're facing depression, anxiety, creative blocks, a desire to improve your intimate relationships, or finding unexpected challenges meeting your goals, my counseling method uses contemporary modalities to help free you from old patterns and enhance your waking life. I work with any matter involving trauma processing and PTSD, sex, intimacy, relationships, communication skills in intimate partnerships, sexual identity, teen issues, gender, women's issues, men's issues, anxiety and depression.

Your therapy experience should be as unique as you. I offer a person centered approach, meaning therapy will be tailored to your individual needs through an anti-oppression lens. I utilize expressive arts, neuropsychology trauma theory, EMDR, CPT, somatic experiencing, Gottman and EFT couple's therapy methods, and sex positive therapy.

My hope is that through building a solid and trusting therapeutic relationship, you will reconnect with your growth process and form new skills that increase your awareness and equilibrium. This practice is a safe space for all. Weekend and evening appointments are available for your convenience.



Following a rewarding career as a visual artist and filmmaker, Ash moved to Seattle from Los Angeles to attend Antioch University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program. Ash brings a creative approach to working with teens, families, adults, couples, and relationships by meeting life’s challenges head on with care and warmth. Ash’s intention in the therapeutic relationship is to nurture the strength innate in all of us to grow and cultivate our unique selves, through connection and interpersonal balance.

Ash remains diligent when working with a variety of individuals, and keeps everyone’s personal and cultural backgrounds in mind. This practice is a safe space for all, including members of the LGBTQIA community, all forms of spiritual belief systems and non-believers, all races, ethnic origins, and nationalities seeking therapeutic services.

Healing yourself is connected with healing others.
— Yoko Ono
Art by René Magritte.

Art by René Magritte.

Individual Therapy

We are all unique and complex individuals. Sometimes we may find ourselves trapped by negative thinking patterns, unresolved family and relational issues, as well as the complexities of navigating our own self-identity. As your therapist, I strive to look at the whole of your person when deciding which therapeutic tools to utilize in session. We will work together on collaborative goals to help you reclaim your innate strength to inhabit life to the fullest.

Art by Emma Amos.

Art by Emma Amos.

Couples and Multi-Person Counseling

We can learn a lot in relationship with other people, but often our vulnerabilities can be heightened, and we can be at a loss on how to communicate with one another about it. Through learning to listen with softness, communicating more effectively about our needs and desires, and discovering how to love each other with candor, I will help facilitate the process of your rich individual and collective growth. My practice emphasizes empirically tested couples therapy techniques in conjunction with creative and satisfying interventions.

Art by Francesco Clemente.

Art by Francesco Clemente.

Sex Therapy

Sex is an integral part of our lives. It encompasses elements of our identity, our sense of connection to ourselves and others, and shows up in surprising ways that can leave us with unanswered questions and dissonant feelings. Unraveling the sexual scripts that we have formed through our lived experiences can help us regain authority and understanding over our sexual selves. Working from a sex positive perspective, I will carefully help you discover how sex shows up in your life, while moving in the direction of integrative sexual growth.